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Clinical Assessments

Designed for Behavioral Health / Substance Use
Comprehensive Clinical Assessment (CCA)

Our web-based electronic CCA was created by professionally certified clinical staff at The Cognitive Connection to meet the demands of behavioral health / mental health and substance use clients. It is a 15 page comprehensive assessment that covers everything you can possibly need at the time of Assessment.


Client Demographics, Commitments and Presenting Problem, Treatment History, Biomedical Information, Pregnancy / Children, Developmental History, Mental Health, Substance Use History, Family, Status, Relationships, Education, Employment, Legal History, DSS, Mental Status, Risk of Harm, Diagnostic Summary, SNAPL (Strengths, Needs, Abilities, Preferences and Limitations to treatment.

The CCA can also be linked to specific entries in the Client data, such as Allergies, ASAM Profile, DSM-5 Diagnosis Codes, Medications, Referrals, Substance Use History and Treatment Plan (PCP).

The complete CCA can be exported to XLSX or PDF and has been approved for submission by medical records departments in Managed Care Organizations such as Partners BH and VAYA health in North Carolina.

Since our Assessment is electronic, we can produce custom reports on the data for Value Based Care to show all possible outcomes. See the pages above for additional information on Tools / Value.

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