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Billing Systems

CogConnex will cater for many Billing Systems in the complex and often unique world of Substance Use.

  • Stage 1 (Complete) - Manual Billing

We have built a Billing tool that allows the Billing Technician to manually enter claims from our product into any external system. It allows the user to filter all billing tickets (claims) by service site, date, service code, funding sources. Billing tickets can be automatically or manually approved. All service / billing tickets can be edited by a billing technician, marked as billed, re-billed and once submitted: payments / denials can be manually applied after processing. 

  • Stage 2 (In Development) - Electronic / Batch Billing

We are working towards supporting the creation of 837 files and processing the resulting 835 files for any external system that supports this format. These will be generated and processed by CogConnex using the EDI standards for version 11.

  • Stage 3 (In Development) - Direct Electronic Billing

We have partnered with Change Healthcare to bill directly through their Connect Center API, this will allow our EHR to bill any insurance companies with directly, without the need for manual or batch billing functionality. This functionality does require the provider to be enrolled through the system and be registered for electronic billing / remittance with the insurance company themselves.

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